Red Nautical Striped Deckchair

After a day at sea even a harden sailor needs to rest! The Red Nautical Striped Deckchair is great for relaxing even if you haven’t been sailing the high seas! See our full range of matching Nautical Striped Windbreaks and Deckchairs and for a real modern twist on these nautical striped products see our full range of Multicoloured Striped Products.

All of our timber frames are made with sustainable, durable hardwood and finished with teak oil. They have a noticeably more solid feel than most spindly, wobbly deckchairs. We are committed to maintaining excellent build quality and are very focused on our environmental impact by sourcing sustainable timber.

These products don’t just look great but are practical too; the sling is made of high quality machine washable 10oz canvas cotton with UV protected inks and are made in India, in line with our Ethical Trading Policy