Multicoloured Striped Deckchairs

Bold, beautiful striped fabrics in 100% cotton canvas. These multicoloured striped deckchairs are a real modern twist on more traditional striped deckchairs. A lovely accessory to take to the beach or brighten up the garden.

All of our timber frames are made with sustainable, durable hardwood and finished with teak oil. They have a noticeably more solid feel than most spindly, wobbly deckchairs. We are committed to maintaining excellent build quality and are very focused on our environmental impact by sourcing PEFC accredited sustainable timber.

Traditional striped deckchairs are also available from our stock range.

  • Sling: 10oz Cotton Canvas
  • Sling: Machine Washable
  • Sling: UV Resistant
  • Sling: Made in India, in line with our Ethical Trading Policy.
  • Frame: 100% FCS Certifies Hardwood
  • Frame: Finished with Teak Oil
  • Frame: Replaceable Parts & Fixings


Imagine the attention you would receive from potential customers at a crowded beach or festival as people notice your windbreak, deckchair?

They are not only for the beach though, you could use your branded or individually designed windbreak at shows, music venues or garden parties, anywhere that you want to shout about your product or service and make sure all eyes are on you!

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