Boost Your Bookings

Boost Your Booking with Branded windbreaks and deckchairs

Boost your bookings this summer with your very own branded windbreaks and deckchairs!

Create Yours Today 

Our windbreaks and deckchairs offer the perfect creative marketing platform to help boost your brand this summer. Placing just one of our windbreaks on your local beach can expose 100’s of potential new customers to your brand. Imagine if all of your customers used a branded windbreak whilst holidaying with you, your brand could be found all over the coast this summer!

Windbreaks are not just for summer, lots of our customers use their southwesterly products all year round. Our windbreaks and deckchairs are the perfect addition to any event stand, creating a comfy branded area for your potential customers to feel more relaxed while talking to you about your company.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out these creative examples of how our customers are using their windbreaks and deckchairs.