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For more information contact us on:      01726 75553



Make an impact at events with your bespoke windbreak, never get lost again!

At a festival…..We’ve all been there, searching around fields upon fields of never ending tents that all look the same… take your bespoke windbreak and you’ll be able to find your way home no problem!

We attend Glastonbury festival every year, and have many other festivals planned throughout the year, which is really exciting. If you can order your windbreaks within the next month it will be far more cost effective and be with you well in time for the fun to begin!

If you are a business attending an event this year as a trader or exhibitor, our windbreaks are the perfect complement to your designated area; you could even sell them too?

Or perhaps team up with a retailer to provide a dual branding opportunity? Do something different at an event and make your windbreak a must have!