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For more information contact us on:      01726 75553



We are not only proud of the build quality of our windbreaks, but of our ethical production methods.

We have thought through the process of our windbreaks from concept to finished product and have tried to reduce the impact on our environment as much as possible.

As one of the final five short-listed businesses in the Cornwall Sustainability Awards ‘Most Sustainable product’, South Westerly Windbreaks are made of 100% organic fair-trade cotton, with FSC wooden poles, and caps made from recycled rubber to protect the wood and support the windbreak.

Our products are hard-wearing and durable, this is especially important to us. We aim to provide you with a product that will last for years not moments. Replacing your windbreak frequently is not only going to be costly to you but to our environment too

At a small additional charge, each windbreak can be ordered with an easy to use carry bag made from the 100% organic fair trade cotton.

My caps are recycled plastic

I am soft Cotton Poles inks